Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

Best Juice To Add Protein Powder To

Everyone wants to add protein to their juices. It’s no that fresh vegetable juice isn’t healthy, it’s more a fact that it does not have any protein in it. And if you are on a diet where you are trying to gain muscle, or at least preserve muscle if it’s a case of a diet, then protein is essential. If you have a diet that is too low in protein, then you can end up losing muscle and not losing fat. This is when you end up with the dreaded skinny fat curse. That is something that can be avoided by adding protein powder to your juices.

You can add vegetable protein powder or whey (avoid soy, as a rule). When you are dieting, it’s important to remember an vital rule: you never want to eliminate protein in your quest to eliminate calories. So, when you are juicing, you should always consider adding protein powder to your leafy green and fruit juices. Here’s some ways to do that.


Leafy Green Juices

One of the most popular juices to take on a fast is a leafy green juice. These are super healthy and filled with antioxidants that can be helpful when you are on a fast and not getting the vitamins and nutrients from eating lots of food. Superfoods such as kale and spinach are an excellent way to get all of the nutrients you need. And when you add something such as lemon, it can help kill the unpleasant taste that many people associate with green juices.

When it comes time to add a protein powder, try an unflavored one that is vegetable based. You don’t want to mix the whey style unless you are also adding pineapple to the juice. The milky flavor that undercuts whey protein might not sit well with you.

You can look for plain vegetable proteins from companies such as Naked.

Fruit Juices

One of the good things about drinking fruit juices is that you get to add whey protein. This is great because, generally speaking, whey protein mixes up much better with liquid than vegetable protein. And since you are mixing up things such as pineapple, berries, apples, and other fruit, you don’t have to be worried about the clash of flavors. Obviously things such as plain whey are great (Naked Whey, again, is a fantastic brand) but you can also choose flavored whey such as the vanilla flavored whey from a company that makes a grass fed whey.

I would suggest you start off by making a pineapple and apple juice and mixing in either plain whey or maybe a grass fed whey that has natural vanilla flavoring.