Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

The Best Juicer For Beginners


If you’re someone who is just starting out on the path towards juicing fresh greens and fruits, then you probably are looking for the best juicer on the market. What may surprise you is that there are lots of different types of juicers. Some juicers are really advanced and designed for people who have been juicing for years and are a bit more complicated to work than other juicer. Other juicers are designed only for wheatgrass or citrus. Then comes the whole issue of whether or not you should get a auger (masticating) juicer Hint: Definitely get an auger juicer.

With that in mind I wrote up a primer on how to go about choosing the best juicer for beginners. The juicers listed here all have a few things in common.

Simple To Use

First, the juicers are simple to operate. You will be able to get them set up and juicing within movements. As soon as you take them out of the box you can set up the juicer and get started making fresh juices.


Second, I only selected juicers that are quiet. A big pet peeve of mine are loud juicers. There is absolutely no reason a juicer should sound like a chainsaw. There are some really terrible sounding juicers on the market. Years ago it was all you could get. However, there are many juicers now that are not loud.

An Auger Style Press

Third, the juicers have to have a masticating style auger press. These juicers squeeze the juice out of the fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t chop them up into little bits like the old style. An easy way to tell if the juicer does this is to see if it is labeled centrifugal. If the juicer is labeled centrifugal, then it chops up everything with tiny little blades. I recommend staying away from these juicers because they are loud, can destroy vital enzymes in the juice, and create heat. So, stick with an auger juicer.


Finally, the juicers should encourage you to juice by being “Easy”. What does “Easy” mean? Well, first, they should be simple to put together and then take apart and clean. You can get self cleaning models, but they can be more expensive, so I also listed the best juicers that are easy to clean and are not self cleaning. The Omega that I use, for instant, is not self cleaning, but it is so simple to clean that it’s no problem. It doesn’t even take a minute to clean the parts under running water. Also, I do like the idea of a wide mouth juicer for people who are new to juicing. Cutting up celery, apples, and kale before you juice does add prep time to the whole process. If you don’t mind the prep time, then I would suggest the Omega. It’s my gold standard, best juicer…but you do have to do some prep work by cutting up fruits and veggies.


If you don’t want to do any prep, or minimal, then I would suggest the wide mouth juicers. They really speed up the process.



Best Juicer For Beginners #1 SKG Wide Mouth Slow Juicer


SKG is making a name in the area of vertical, wide mouth, slow juicers. It’s an excellent product for you if you’re not interested in spending a lot of time slicing apples into sections, cutting up carrots and celery and chopping kale. It’s also a slow juicer, which is really important because a slow motor does not create the heat that a fast motor will. Slow and powerful is much better than fast and hot.

Here is a quick video that showcases the slow juicer in action. It also has a fun comparison to a regular juicer that doesn’t have a wide mouth.



Here’s a brief review of the SKG Wide Mouth Juicers benefits:

  • Low Speed: It churns at 60 RPM’s. This is a really slow number. The lower the number, the less heat produced. A fast RPM produces heat, which oxidizes the juice. The SKG juicer was destined to prevent oxidation as much as possible. So, all of the powerful enzymes from your Pineapple and Kale juice won’t be destroyed by unnecessary heat.


  • Wide Mouth: The Juicer has a 3 Inch wide feed chute. This means that you won’t get the clogs that happen with other machines. On machines with smaller feed chutes, you have to chop up the fruits and veggies so that they don’t get stuck, clogged and prevent the machine from juicing. This wide mouth means less clogs. It also means you can put larger slices of fruit and veggies into the opening.
  • BPA Free Materials: The juicer is made with Stainless Steel and TRITAN. TRITAN has been tested by scientists and found to be free of the negative chemicals and estrogen/androgen problems that you find in low grade plastics. There is a whole page about TRITAN on the Eastman Page. If you get a juicer, or juicing mugs, bottles, etc…make sure they don’t have BPA. TRITAN is a great material for that purpose.


  • Sealed Exit Chute: This is a bit of a bonus, but I do like it and it’s great for beginners. The closed chute prevents the juice from flowing out until you are ready. Otherwise you have to keep a cup/container under an opening. This lets you keep your workspace free of clutter.













Best Juicer For Beginners #2 The Omega




This is the juicer I use, and it’s also the most popular masticating Juicer on Amazon. There’s a good reason for that. It’s extremely reliable, simple to use, easy to clean, quiet, and slow and powerful. The only things it has missing is that it doesn’t have a wide feed chute and it is not a vertical (stand up) mode. With all that said, I recommend this to anyone who is new to juicing that is planning on making juices every day or even several times a week. Let’s go over some of the benefits.


  • Quiet: The machine is quiet. I use to use an old, loud juicer and it just got me crazy how loud the thing was. The Omega is an awesome change from the loud motors of other juicers.
  • Slow: It turns at 80 RPM. That’s not as slow as the SKG juicer, but it’s pretty slow. In fact you might find yourself trying to speed up the juicer by forcing more celery or apples down into the auger…but don’t. You WANT A SLOW crush. The slow crush means that there is less heat and less oxaditive damage. You want as much undamaged nutrients and enzymes in your juice as you can get.
  • No Pulp: This juicer has an awesome pulp separation device. It prevents your juice from being being pulpy, or even too foamy. You get pure green juice. The machine does come with a little screen that you can use to catch even the little bits of foam, but I don’t mind foam so I don’t use it. The main thing I want is juice that is pulp free, which this does an excellent job at.
  • Dual Stage Juicer: It extracts juice by crushing then squeezing. This means that you get every last bit of juice. The pulp is bone dry when it comes out of the machine. This means no waste.
  • Lots Of Extra’s: You can also make sorbet, pastas, nut butters, etc… Very fun and extra value. The attachments snap on really easily.

Here’s are two videos that shows how easy it is to use the juicer:



I highly recommend this juicer for beginners who don’t mind the small amount of prep work (cutting fruits and veggies). Once you see how easy it is you’ll be juicing everyday.

You can read more reviews from people who have been using the Omega over at Amazon.