Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

Cold Press Juicers

What exactly is a cold press juicer? Is it right for me? Where can I find one?

These are very common questions. If you are looking to get started juicing, then it is really important that you pick the correct juicer. A cold press juicer is highly praised for its ability to handle leafy greens, which is important if you are going to be making green drinks. There are also some other benefits, which include preserving the enzymes in the juice, not destroying the vitamins, and not causing oxidation.


The Reason For The Cold Press:Less Heat

Heat destroys enzymes in the juice. It can also destroy vital nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants. With the exception of lycopene (from tomatoes) most nutrients don’t benefit from excessive heat. You want to extract the juice without creating excessive heat. Now, when you read cold press juicer, these juicers aren’t actually cold. They are not sitting in the fridge before you use them, and they don’t use coolant. Instead, they don’t have hot motors and don’t transfer the heat to the fruit and vegetables when you are making juice.

Hot motors, and the transfer of heat to the juicers housing, is one of the main reasons that auger juicers ( masticating juicers) are the best juicer. They don’t create the same type of heat that centrifugal juicers do. They are slow press and squeeze the juice out of the vegetables and fruit. So, when you’re making a wheatgras juice, or a leafy green juice with kale and spinach, or even an apple and pineapple juice, you won’t have the loss of enzymes and nutrients.

Take pineapple for instance. Pineapple has bromelain, which is one of the best enzymes you can get from whole food. It’s used to help with digestion, as well as to help with inflammation. If you have joint pain, then drinking freshly made pineapple juice can do wonders for you.


A Cold Press Juicer: Auger Design


There are two basic ways to make fruit or vegetable juice: use a centrifugal juicer or a cold press juicer.

The centrifugal juicer uses tiny slicers to cut apart the vegetables and fruit. They are cut so tiny that liquid is extracted. The problem with using an old fashioned type like this is that they really aren’t efficient. Plus, they produce heat. This causes oxidation and destroys the helpful enzymes and vitamins.

The cold press juicer uses an auger. It slowly squeezes the vegetables. This does not produce any heat. That’s important because heat, even a small amount, can destroy the nutrients. The auger juicer moves very slowly and squeezes out the juice with tremendous force. This allows it top operate coolly without producing any heat.

A cold press juicer is also more efficient at getting every last drop of juice. If you have ever used a centrifugal model, then you know how poorly they work. Some people even try to “re-juice” the pulp. This is a bad idea because it can jam up the motor. I will admit, before I had a cold press juicer I had taken the pulp and put it through again because there were chunks of unjuiced material in them.

Once I got an Omega Juicer—which is a cold press juicer—- I didn’t have that problem anymore.


Which Brands Make a Cold Press Juicer


There are a few different companies: Omega, Kuvings and Greenstar. They all make really excellent cold press juicers. They use augers to squeeze rather than blades to shred.

Here are the three best cold process juicers.


The Omega J8006 Juicer

I use the Omega Juicer and I totally recommend it. Many people use the green star, and it gets good reviews as well.

  • 80 RMP Motor
  • GE Ultem Auger -Not Made From BPA Plastic
  • 2 Horse Power Motor–Strong and Slow
  • Simple To Clean and Assemble

For most people, the Omega is the best cold press juicer to get.


Super simple to set up and clean.

Only A Few Parts.


Durable, A virtual workhouse that you can use day after day.


Not a vertical juicer, so it does take up a bit of space. What I recommend doing is keeping it dissembled. Place the parts in a draw or container. Then take them out when you are ready to juice. After you are finished juicing, wash them and dry them then put them away again.












This is the cold press juicer I use. I like it because it is simple to assemble and disassemble.

It is produces super clean and pulp free juice.

When you are ready to wash it, it only takes a minute to clean it in the sink.

You can read reviews for this juicer here.

Some people use a wheatgrass manual juicer.  If you want to go this route, then I recommend using Z star. But, this is a labor-intensive process. You are providing the turning power. It works fine for leafy greens like wheatgrass and spinach.






Breville Slow Crush Juicer

Breville has a rep for making really quality appliances. Up until recently, I didn’t care for their juicers because they were making centrifugal juicers, but this masticating model is awesome. It’s already getting lots of postie reviews from long time fans of slow, cold press juicing.

  • 80 RMM: Slow and Steady
  • Vertical Design For People With Limited Counterspace
  • Excellent Pulp Screen- Pure Juice
  • Super Quiet
  • Wiper Blade For Interior Cleaning


Easy to use. Very quiet. It has a self cleaning feature. That’s a benefit, as long as you don’t plan on using this machine every day. Some people have found that the wiping blades are not super durable for heavy use (multiple juices a day, every day). But, it is a major benefit if you’re only making a juice once in a while because it helps with the cleaning.


Anytime you get a auger juicer that has a self cleaning feature, even if it’s only a interior wiping balde, you are adding in extra components. If you’re someone who is only juicing on weekends, or every few days, then this is fine. But for heavy use, as in you make juices every single day, I would go for a “bare bones” model such as the Omega J8006. Some people love the wiping blade function, but others have said that they prefer a more basic design.

Is It Right For You?

I personally like the simple, efficient design of the Omega, but this is a perfectly acceptable cold process juicer for most people who plan on making a juice once or twice a week.




Tribest Slow Press Juicer

This is one of the newer companies and they are already making waves with this amazing juicer. The main reason it’s getting so much positive attention, aside from the slick design, and quality craftsmanship, is that it is so slow. It’s almost twice as slow as all the other juicers.

  • Zero BPA Auger and Screen- So No Nasty Chemical Leaching Into Your Juice

  • 200 Watt Motor- Powerful Squeezing Ability

  • 47 RMP- Slowest You Will Find.

  • 30 Lbs Of Torgue- Strength To Squeeze The Fruit and Veggies So Every Bit Of Juice Is Extracted.


Excellent design, quiet, super slow so there is maximum vitamin and nutrient retention in the juice. Vertical design for people with limited counter space.



There are really no cons to this one. The only issue people might have is that it doesn’t have a self-cleaning feature, and it lacks the wide mouth that the Kuvings brand has. However, as I mentioned above, I think that a self-cleaning feature is not really a great thing for people who are planning on juicing every single day. The wide mouth is a nice feature, but I would take a slower RPM over a Wide Mouth. So, I put this up with the classic Omega as the best cold process juicer on the market.