Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

Juices To Fight Inflammation

If you are dealing with inflammation, and are looking to avoid taking more medications to battle chronic pain, or just help with soreness and pain after a big run or session at the gym, then you should consider anti-inflammatory foods (specifically fruits, vegetables, and spices). These are natures very own solution to the problem. Especially if it’s not too severe a chronic issue. So, below are a things to consider.


Leafy Greens (Kale and Collards)

If you’re reading this, then you know how important leafy greens are in your diet. The problem with eating them is that they have lots of fiber. One the one hand that is good. Fiber is great in your diet. However, when you are looking to get super nutrients such as cancer fighting chemicals, lutein for your eye, or antioxidants for cellular repair, you will want to juice the kale and get the liquid. This makes it much easier to process.

A particular chemical called Indole-3-carbinol, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. This chemical is also found in things such as Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables. This same chemical has been shown to have great benefit in preventing cancer. So, that’s an added benefit. Kale, unlike something such as broccoli or brussels sprouts, is great in a juice. Just add some lemon or apple and it will taste amazing.



When it comes to an anti-inflammatory juice, think of oranges. However, not typical orange juice. You don’t just want to press the juice from the oranges, you want to get the juice from the skin of the oranges. The skin can’t be juiced in a regular citrus juicer, you need a juicer that will squeeze the skin of the orange and press out the juice. The auger style masticating juicer is perfect for this task.



According to Harvard Medical School , apples are great at protecting against inflammation. This is great because apples are one of the best things you can put into a green juice. The apple has a really nice flavor and it’s a great way to transform a kale or spinach or even wheatgrass based drink into something that tastes nice.


Berries (but not for your juice)

Berries are all perfect for anti-inflammatory diets, but you should not juice them. Either add a handful of them to your morning oatmeal, add them into your salads, or just snack on them. If you find that you can’t fit them into your meals, then you can blend them up into a berry smoothie. A great recipe would be something along the lines of yogurt, blackberries or blueberries, a bit of almond milk or coconut water. Then add some ice and blend it up.

Tart Cherry Juice

This is something you can add to your green drink. You can find tart cherry juice online and keep it in your fridge. Then just add it to your green juice. Tart cherries can help with arthritis.

You can find a good organic brand online and use this the next time you make a juice. Actually juicing cheries is not a great idea because of the pits. Tart cherry juice is much better to buy. You never want to dump unpitted cherries into your juicer. You would first want to manually remove the pits (using a handheld cherry pit remover, perhaps) and it would take a long time.