Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

Reasons You Need To Switch To A Masticating Juicer


Masticating Juicers Are Slower and Create Less Heat

The number one reason that health aficionados swear by masticating juicers is that they are slow press and create much less heat than traditional juicers. Masticating juicers work by slowly squeezing the juice from the fruits and vegetables. This is a slow process, which is why these juicers are often referred to as slow press juicers. Other juicers spin super fast and and rip apart the fruits and vegetables,

The other important reason to use a masticating juicer is that they don’t have the same heat expenditure as classical juicers. This is an important thing to factor into your purchase when buying a juicer. The less heat, the better. Heat destroys enzymes in your juice, so you want a juice that uses a cold press, which is essentially what a masticating juicer is. The slower the press, the less heat, and the more pure and “alive” your green juices will be.

This is probably the most important reason to choose a masticating juicer, from a health standpoint. The other issues are less about quality of juice, and more about the efficiency (more juice) and the quality of life (quiet as opposed to being super loud).

You Get More Juice From A Masticating Juicer

A second reason people love masticating juicers so much is that they extract so much more juice than regular juicers. If you were to take the same ingredients (say a bunch of kale, an apple, and a lemon) and run them through a masticating juicer, you would get a whole lot more juice extracted than you would if you used a regular juicer. You could tell by the amount of liquid that fills up the glass or jar, but you can also tell this by looking at the pulp. The pulp from a regular juicer will often be extremely moist. All that wetness is juice that was not extracted. If you look at a masticating juicer, you will see that the pulp is extremely dry. This is a good sign as it  shows that you got all the juice.


Masticating Juicers Are Much More Quiet

Another thing to consider is that masticating juicers are really quiet. When you compare a masticating juicer to a centrifugal juicer you will hear a huge difference. Masticating juicers are slow press, and therefore there is not the loud noise like you find with the spinning machines that use blades. The centrifugal juicers essentially tear up the fruits and vegetables, shredding them at a high speed. It’s a hard process and it makes a big sound. A masticating juicer, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem because it is so slow and operates without that loud noise.


Choosing The Right Masticating Juicer

There are a few different types of masticating juicers. There are models that use twin augers, there are wide mouth designs (these are great if you don’t like to cut up apples, for instance) and there are vertical juicers that take up less space. Here’s a page where I have some masticating juicer reviews.