Best Juicer For Leafy Greens

Gary Null on Juicing

Gary Null is one of the countries leading health experts. He has hosted a daily radio show in New York for several decades. The show is on WBAI and is also broadcast online. Null’s show focuses on alternative therapies and health practices. These include vitamins, supplements, diet, and exercise.

If you have every seen Gary Null, then you know the guy looks healthy. Some people who talk about healthy living look like they sneak away at night and eat cheeseburgers and drink soda. Gary Null looks like he lives a healthy lifestyle. He is a runner and has run in a bunch of marathons. In fact if you want to run the NYC marathon, then you used to be able to train in central park for free with him. I’m not sure if he currently does that.

He produced a documentary called The Joy of Juicing.

On a recent broadcast he spoke about how powerful juicing was. He speaks about which fruits and vegetables are good for juicing and what combinations work well. For example, he spoke about celery. Celery is very healthy for you as a whole food. It has excellent fiber —which makes it excellent for colon health—but it would be hard for a person to eat enough. Gary said your teeth would go numb eating pounds of celery. Anyone who has eaten several stalks of celery at a time would attest to this.

The reason you have to juice, even if you eat a diet very rich in fruits and vegetables, is that your body can’t extract the nutrients from solid food. Take the celery example that Garry talked about.

You can take ten stalks of celery and juice them. You would have a really tough time eating that. Why would you? You can get enough fiber, but you can’t get enough of the antioxidants and the pyhtochemicals when you eat celery stalks.

Gary Null is also a fan of wheatgrass. He has spoken about his admiration of  Ann Wigmore. Wigmore was one of the first people to popularize the use of Wheatgrass. She said it was the most powerful detoxifier available. In addition to Wheatgrass she was also interested in all living foods and was prominent in promoting the idea of the living food diet.

On a recent radio program Gary Null spoke about the power of wheatgrass, in particular it contains Superoxide dismutase. SOD is a powerful antioxidant enzyme. It is unusual in that it is not found in many foods. Wigmore found that drinking wheatgrass could help with a variety of illness including cancer.

You can’t eat Wheatgrass in large amounts, like celery, because it has a very dense cellouse fiber. This is why juicing became so popular.

If you have ever tried drinking straight wheatgrass you know that it does not taste too pleasant. One way I like to drink it is to mix it in with a green apple like a Granny Smith. Some people cut it with water. Of course, if you can stand the taste, then you can drink it straight.

Besides Superoxide Dismutase, Wheatgrass is very high in chlorophyll. This is great for energy and also is a super nutrient. You can also get SOD in capsule form, and this is what many people do. I think that if you have the ability to make wheatgrass juice at home, then you certainly should. Fresh juice is always going to be more powerful and more rich in nutrients, antioxidents and enzymes than anything you buy in the store. (Very Important: You must use an auger style juicer. Not only is it the best juicer for leafy greens such as spinach and kale, it is best for wheatgrass. A centrifugal style juicer cannot process wheatgrass).


There is a famous saying that a small glass of wheatgrass has more nutrients than several pounds of vegetables. Part of this comes from the fact that wheatgrass contains such high levels of SOD and Chlorophyll.

Gary Null has a few books about juicing.

His most popular book is The Joy of Juicing. It is a classic in the field. One of the intersting aspects of his book is that it also includes meal recipes.

Gary Null also produced an excellent documentary about Juicing and the Pharmaceutical industry. It discusses the power of juicing and how it can be used to prevent and reverse disease. Why some cultures are healthier than others. He interviews people in Manhattan and speaks to them and



You can watch the entire documentary on Youtube. Gary Null has a channel where he uploads his films.