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Choosing The Perfect Hotel In Nicaragua

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise, then Nicaragua’s the spot. Where else will you find lush rain forests, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and beautiful 16th century architecture? Nicaragua is situated right in the middle of Central America. The Pacific Ocean lies to one side, the Caribbean Sea on the other. Many people consider it to be the hidden gem of Central America.

Nicaragua has one of the most diverse environments in the Western hemisphere. You will find beautiful beaches such as the famous white sand Montelimar Beach and San Juan Del Sur. If you’re interested in seeing the jungles, then you will love Bosawás Biosphere Reserve. It is the one of largest rain forests in the world.

When Should You Visit?

Without a doubt, the best time of year to visit Nicaragua is during the dry season. You don’t want to be stuck in your hotel the entire trip. You want to be able to enjoy the beaches and go exploring. Nicaragua is warm year round. The big factor is rain. You will want to avoid visiting during the wet season. The dry season lasts from November all the way through May.

Things To Do

If you love nature, then you absolutely love Nicaragua. Some of the best beaches in the world are located in Nicaragua. You will be able to go snorkeling, surfing, jet skiing, as well as lay out and tan.

Once you move inland, you can take a trip to see some of the most jaw dropping sights nature has. There are guided tours of the rain forest. The Bosawás rain forest is the second biggest rain forest in the Western world. You can see an amazing array of wildlife and flowers. The forest is home to the largest Macaws in the world, as well as home to iridescent tropical birds you won’t see anywhere else.


If you’re up for a real adventure, you can tour Nicragua’s famous volcano’s. There are 7 active volcanos in Nicaragu, and many more non-active ones. You can hike up and explore the non active volcanos. Some of them have large, beautiful crater lakes where you can go swimming.

 There are also plenty of cultural based attractions. You can get guided tours of rural villages. There are also tours offered of coffee farms. You will get to see close up how the farmers harvest the coffee and how it is processed for the rest of the world.


Whether you’re looking for luxury, all inclusive resorts in Nicaragua, or cheap flights to Nicaragua, should be your go to source. Many people like to fly into the capital city and stay at one of the hotels in Managua. This is perfect for people who want to enjoy the city atmosphere.  It is common for a nice Nicaragua hotel to have a restaurant and pool on site. Many of the best Nicaragua hotels will also have concierge services that will help you plan your day trips.

If you are more interested in stating on the coast, then you should look at the better Nicaragua resorts. These will be close to the beach. Often times they are located right on the water. If you want to spend most of your time laying out and enjoying the sun, then this would be the type of place you should look at.


Nicaragua is one of the most diverse countries in Central America. If you are stating in Managua, then you will have access to beautiful beaches and lagoons. You will also be right near fantastic restaurants and night clubs. Depending on when you go, you might also be in town for Carnival, which happens every March.

Outside of town, you can find amazing Volcanoes. You can swim in the crater lakes, hike the volcanoes, and even go sand skiing at a Cerro Negro.

If you’re interested in seeing wildlife, then there is no better place in Central America. The Indio Maíz Biological Reserve and the Bosawás Resever are two of the most amazing rainforests in the world. You will see the most beautiful birds and flowers in the world.


Health Spas and Resorts In Nicaragua



Cost Rica

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Costa Rica is probably the first thing that comes to mind when people think about health resorts. The country is located between Nicaragua and Panama. It’s one of the best countries in the world when it comes to finding yoga, health and wellness, and vegetarian based retreats.

People also like Costa Rica because it has really fun outdoor adventure activities. In addition to hiking in super cool national parks such as  Manuel Antonio National Park, where you can see an enormous array of wildlife and go on hikes into lush foreststhere are also really fun things to do such as zip lining.

There are also Volcanos such as  Arenal Volcano. Plus, if you’re into surfing, then there is no better place in central America. It’s home to Mal Pais, which is a super cool beach with awesome waves that is a big destination spot for surfers.

And don’t forget, the infamous “cloud forests” that you can walk though in Monteverde.

Below is a good place to get started.

List of great Costa Rican Health Resorts






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